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Dead Sea Skincare
For thousands of years, people have visited the Dead Sea in order to experience its unique therapeutic skincare benefits. Today, we know from scientific research that the Dead Sea's revitalizing properties are derived from the high concentration of Essential Minerals and trace elements that are found naturally in the Dead Sea's unique water, mud and salts.

The Dead Sea, once known as Lake Lisan, is a terminal lake at the lowest point on the Earth’s surface whose source waters are rich in Essential Minerals and trace elements.  It was formed when a shift of the African and Arabian plates trapped water from the Mediterranean Sea.  The Dead Sea's anomalous level of minerals is attributed to several factors, including the ionization created by the immense energy released by the tectonic activity that created the Rift Valley. Confined in this high-pressure environment and "magnified" by intense exposure to the sun, the mineral water of the Dead Sea retains the highest concentration of Essential Minerals when compared with any other body of water in the world.

Scientifically Proven Results
During the last forty years, the international scientific and medical communities have conducted quantitative clinical studies on the rejuvenating properties of the Dead Sea.  This important research has been published in international peer-reviewed medical and pharmacological journals. For example, a recent scientific study comparing various "anti-wrinkle" dermatological applications, published in The International Journal of Cosmetics, demonstrated , "an average skin roughness parameter reduction of 40.7%" when Dead Sea mineral treatment applications were performed twice a day for four weeks. The Dead Sea treatment was "46% more effective in average roughness reduction" than the "gel containing commercial anti-wrinkle active agents". In other words, research substantiates what people have known since ancient times: Dead Sea treatments help the skin become softer, smoother and more radiant.

Each of our products includes the following minerals from the Dead Sea:

CHLORIDE: Balances minerals in cells of the body.
MAGNESIUM: Accelerates cell metabolism by activating enzymes.
SODIUM: Protects the body against fluid loss; balances the body's acid alkali levels.
CALCIUM: Strengthens cell membranes; assists in regulating nerve synaptic transmission.
POTASSIUM: Helps regulate osmosis and water balance; moisturizes and emulsifies skin.
BROMIDE: Heals and relieves skin disorders; stimulates natural skin repair process.
IODINE: Vitalizes cell metabolism; key component for production of thyroxin.
SULFUR: Disinfects naturally; assists in remedying acetic conditions; needed for muscle protein and hair.

Designed for Today
LISAN’s natural product line meets the health and beauty needs of men and women of all ages who appreciate luxury and quality; a modern woman with a classic sensibility and appreciation for the pure and powerful energy found in modern skincare solutions from Earth’s original spa.

We believe that every man and woman, of every age and lifestyle, can achieve and maintain a healthier-looking, more radiant appearance. That’s why we combine the highest possible concentration of Essential Minerals from the mud, waters and salt of the Dead Sea with nature’s highest performing botanicals, extracts, and essential oils to deliver a simple, effective and proven skincare regime.

Time-tested treatments perfected by 21st century science - LISAN is truly “Modern Skincare from Earth’s Original Spa”.
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